How To Order Custom Vans In Australia

Unofficial guide to ordering Custom Vans

Paying for Custom Vans in AustraliaPaying for Custom Vans in Australia

Step 3 - Order

Making an order and paying for it via the Custom Vans USA website may have failed due to having a NON-US issued credit card and non US residential address. Once you have shared your completed custom design, this will allow you to order your very own custom Vans shoes and deliver them to Australia.

If you have not already shared your unique Vans design, please go through the share guide providing you with instructions to order Custom Vans in Australia.

Custom Vans Shipping to Australia

Vans will not ship to a parcel forwarding company as it is prohibited. Some parcel forwarding companies will initially process the order; however, unfortunately, you will only be informed several days later that your order not be completed

Ordering Costs

Fees involved

The costs of purchasing any type of Custom Vans shoes, whether it be Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcel, or any other shoe will depend on the product you want. Please take into consideration that the prices will vary from product to product and need to be converted to $AUD. Once you have decided on the type of the shoe, additional fees will be calculated to the total cost of the shoe.

Please see the fee example below for a Vans customer residing in the US- Texas. An order for a Vans Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Canvas is advertised for $100 on the US Vans website.

Please note: All costs listed above is based on the Vans website and is listed in US currency. These prices then need to be converted to AUD.

Only a US credit card and residential address can process this order. VansByYou will provide you with a service to ship your custom Vans shoes to Australia. After you have emailed your shared design to VansByYou, the VansByYou team will respond to your email within 24 hours with a quote including the cost of the custom Vans shoe, sales tax, payment, international shipping and processing fees in Australian currency.

It will take approximately 4-6 weeks for your order to be processed, manufactured and delivered to your address.

The quote provided to you by VansByYou is given in AUD and not USD pricing.

  •  Product Cost Price
  •  US Ground Shipping
  •  US Sales Tax
  •  International shipping fees
  •  Processing fees

If you have any queries regarding payment or fees, please do not hesitate to email us directly to sales@Vansbyyou.comor fill out the form on our contact page on our website.